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16-bit multiply with 32-bit product

;16-bit multiply with 32-bit product 
;took from

multiplier = $f7 
multiplicand = $f9 
product = $fb 

mult16 lda #$00
sta product+2 ; clear upper bits of product
sta product+3 
ldx #$10 ; set binary count to 16 
shift_r lsr multiplier+1 ; divide multiplier by 2 
ror multiplier
bcc rotate_r 
lda product+2 ; get upper half of product and add multiplicand
adc multiplicand
sta product+2
lda product+3 
adc multiplicand+1
rotate_r ror ; rotate partial product 
sta product+3 
ror product+2
ror product+1 
ror product 
bne shift_r 
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