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Displaying a bitmap at $2000 the most simplest way

You may have wondered how is this possible to display a multicolour bitmap pic at $2000 the most simplest way? How can I do it with a Koala paint picture? Well, it is simple. Before you're able to display the picture's bitmap (which will be at $2000), you will be required to use Brix/Plush's picture splitter (Take a look in CSDB for Tools 4 Fools disk #7), once done, save your bitmap to $2000, Videoram to $4000 and Colour RAM to $4400. Ok, now here is the source code for the picture display in ACME format)

;Picture displayer

bordercolour = 0
backgroundcolour = 0
vidmem = $4000 
colmem = $4400

      !to "picdisplayer.prg",cbm
      * = $2000
      !binary "mypicture.prg"
      * = $4000
      !binary "myvideoram.prg"
      * = $4400
      !binary "mycolourram.prg"

      * = $4800 ;Where main code lies
      lda #bordercolour
      ldx #backgroundcolour
      sta $d020
      stx $d021
      lda #$3b ;<--- Turn on bitmap mode
      ldx #$18 ;<--- Turn on all bitmap characters     
      ldy #$03
      sta $d011
      stx $d018
      stx $d016
      sty $dd00
      ldx #$00
setpic lda vidmem,x
       sta $0400,x
       lda vidmem+$100,x
       sta $0500,x
       lda vidmem+$200,x
       sta $0600,x
       lda vidmem+$2e8,x
       sta $06e8,x
       lda colmem,x
       sta $d800,x
       lda colmem+$100,x
       sta $d900,x
       lda colmem+$200,x
       sta $da00,x
       lda colmem+$2e8,x
       sta $dae8,x
       bne setpic
hold   lda $dc01
       cmp #$ef
       bne hold
       jmp $fce2 ; C64 reset
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