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Drazlace displayer

Written by HCL.

Start the prog with sys4096.

You also need a drazlace file named “tehGfx.prg”, or you can haXX the code and insert gfx of your choice.

; Ok, Drazlace is from my point of view the most
; wasted gfx mode someone could ever have invented.
; Yet a lot of people seem to like it very much.
; So why is DrazLace totally st0pid? Because..
; The format it just big enough not to be squeezed
; into one video bank. Two bitmaps plus one colormap
; needs $4400 aligned bytes, where as one video bank
; is only $4000 bytes. Still the format does the
; least possible out of those two video banks.
; The one color map has to be duplicated into both
; video banks, where it would have been no effort
; to use two individual colormaps and thus widen
; the graphical possibilities a little.
; I hate DrazLace, but i hate more the fact that
; other people seem to like it :EEE.
; Here is a viewer for n00bs to this sucky phormat.

z1 	 = $02
z2 	 = $04

d021      = $7f40
d800map	  = $5800
colormap1 = $5c00
colormap2 = $dc00
bitmap1   = $8000
bitmap2   = $e000

	*= $5800
.binclude "tehGfx.prg"

	*= $1000
	lda #$35
	sta 1

; First transfer some data from the original format,
; since it's not possible to show the picture the
; way it is stored when saved from editor.

; Copy bitmap to 1337 place in memory.

	ldy #0
	sty z1
	sty z2
	lda #>bitmap1
	sta z1+1
	lda #>bitmap2
	sta z2+1
	lda (z1),y
	sta (z2),y
	bne *-5
	inc z1+1
	inc z2+1
	bne *-11

; Copy colormap.. this is so st0pid!

	dec 1
	lda #>colormap1
	sta z1+1
	lda #>colormap2
	sta z2+1
	ldx #4
	lda (z1),y
	sta (z2),y
	bne *-5
	inc z1+1
	inc z2+1
	bne *-12
	inc 1

; Also copy d800 colors. Yummie.

	lda #>d800map
	sta z1+1
	lda #$d8
	sta z2+1
	ldx #4
	lda (z1),y
	sta (z2),y
	bne *-5
	inc z1+1
	inc z2+1
	bne *-12

; Now everything is done to start teh c0de pr0n.
; Screen is going to flixx0r like hell :).

; Since bitmap and colormap are placed on the same
; relative place in the two video banks, only
; dd00 (video bank) and d016 (finescroll x-position)
; have to be canged every frame.

	lda d021    ;RTFM to learn about VIC registers.
	sta $d021
	lda #$3b
	sta $d011
	lda #$78
	sta $d018	
	bit $d011
	bpl *-3
	bit $d011
	bmi *-3

	lda #0
	eor #1
	sta *-3
	ora #$d8
	sta $d016
	eor #$d9
	sta $dd00
	jmp loop
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