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General 8bit * 8bit = 8bit multiply

; General 8bit * 8bit = 8bit multiply
; Multiplies "num1" by "num2" and returns result in .A

; by White Flame (aka David Holz) 20030207

; Input variables:
;   num1 (multiplicand)
;   num2 (multiplier), should be small for speed
;   Signedness should not matter

; .X and .Y are preserved
; num1 and num2 get clobbered

; Instead of using a bit counter, this routine ends when num2 reaches zero, thus saving iterations.

 lda #$00
 beq enterLoop

 adc num1

 asl num1
enterLoop: ;For an accumulating multiply (.A = .A + num1*num2), set up num1 and num2, then enter here
 lsr num2
 bcs doAdd
 bne loop


; 15 bytes
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