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     * [[http://​​2013/​09/​11/​c64-development-with-kick-assembler-using-notepad-windows/​|Kick Assembler development with Notepad++]]     * [[http://​​2013/​09/​11/​c64-development-with-kick-assembler-using-notepad-windows/​|Kick Assembler development with Notepad++]]
     * [[http://​|Noice Kick Assembler memory viewer]]     * [[http://​|Noice Kick Assembler memory viewer]]
-    * [[​itemName=tomconte.kickassembler|Visual Studio Code Kickass Extension]]+    * [[​kickass-vscode-ext|Visual Studio Code Kickass Extension]]
 ==== PDS (Programmers Development System) ==== ==== PDS (Programmers Development System) ====
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