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Decoding 4x4 tiles

by Achim

If you use tile based maps for a game, you'll have to decode a whole screen first unless you want your scroll routine to scroll the background graphics onto the screen. Here's a piece of code that decodes 4×4 tiles to the screen. It colours the whole screen black (mc). Usually you've got two options:

  1. Colour per tile
  2. Colour per char

The first option is very useful when you want to save rastertime for the main program, but is obviously less colourful. The second option is more colourful, but needs more rastertime when it comes to colour RAM shifting.

Pseudo code for tile colouring:

	ldx actualTile
	lda attribtable,x
	ldx #$04		//#$05 for 5x5 tiles
loop:	ldy #$00
	sta (colourmem),y
	ldy #$28
	sta (colourmem),y
	ldy #$50
	sta (colourmem),y
	ldy #$78
	sta (colourmem),y	//+one more row for 5x5 tiles
	inc colourmem
	bne !+
	inc colourmem+1
!:	dex
	bne loop

Pseudo code for char colouring:

	ldx #$00
loop:	ldy screenmem,x
	lda atttribtable,y
	sta colourmem,x
	bne loop

Change the example code the way you need it (65-72).

Read Cadavers "Rant 4" to see how tile maps are structured in memory. Most important is “Mapx”. This has to be changed according to the acutal map width. In this case: map width = 10 tiles = 40 chars = one screen wide.

Decoding 4x4 tile based map
Full screen
by A. Volkers, 2011
Load your graphics data to the following addresses:
charset:			$2000
tiles:				$3000
map:				$3800
attributes:			$3900

respectively change the code...

-> KickAssembler
.pc = $1000	

.const tiledatamem	=	48		//hi-byte start address tile data (=$3000)

.var mapdata		=	$02		//16bit address map data for decoder
.var tiledata		=	$04		//16bit address tile data for decoder
.var tileX		=	$fc		//tile columns
.var tileY		=	$fd		//tile rows
.var NumberTilesX	=	$fe		//number of tiles from left to right
.var NumberTilesY	=	$ff		//number of tiles from top to bottom
.var map		=	$20		//16bit address map data for main program
.var attribs		= 	$22		//16bit address attributes (=colour)
.var screen		=	$24		//16bit screen address
.var mapX		= 	$26		//map width

	lda #$0a		//in this case: map width=number of tiles left-right
	sta mapX		//change for required map width...
	lda #$00
	sta map
	lda #$38
	sta map+1		//map: $3800
	lda #$00			
	sta attribs
	lda #$39
	sta attribs+1		//attributes: $3900
	lda #$00
	sta screen
	lda #$04
	sta screen+1		//screen: $0400
	lda #$09		//set colours
	sta $d021
	lda #$00
	sta $d020
	lda #$0b
	sta $d022
	lda #$01
	sta $d023
	lda #$18		
	sta $d018		//screen mem= $0400, char mem= $2000
	lda #$d8
	sta $d016		//multicolour
	jsr decoder
	lda #$08		//black
	ldx #$00		//use required code here
!:	sta $d800,x		//to colour the screen
	sta $d900,x
	sta $da00,x
	sta $db00,x
	bne !-
decoder:lda map				
	sta mapdata			
	lda map+1
	sta mapdata+1		//set actual map pointer
	lda #$04		//4 rows per tile		
	sta tileY				
	lda #$03		//4 columns per tile
	sta tileX				
	lda #$0a		//number of tiles left-right
	sta NumberTilesX	//#$08 in case of 5x5 tiles
	lda #$05		//number of tiles top-bottom
	sta NumberTilesY	//=20 screen rows			
	lda screen		//prepare for printing
	sta printchar+1			
	lda screen+1
	sta printchar+2			
readmap:ldy #$00
	lda (mapdata),y		//read actual tile number from map data
	and #$0f		//calculate tile address
	asl			//use lo-/hi-byte-tables for 5x5 tiles instead
	sta tiledata		//lo-byte tile data
	lda (mapdata),y
	and #$f0
        adc #tiledatamem
	sta tiledata+1		//hi-byte tile data
	ldx #$03		//4 columns, #$04 for 5x5 tiles
	ldy tileX
readchar:lda (tiledata),y  	//read actual char from tile data
printchar:sta $ffff,x		//print actual char
	bpl readchar
	inc mapdata		//read next tile from map
	bne !+
	inc mapdata+1
!:	lda printchar+1		//add four columns
	clc			//to print next tile
	adc #$04
	sta printchar+1
	bcc !+
	inc printchar+2

!:	dec NumberTilesX	//all tiles left-right done?
	bne readmap				
	lda #$0a		//reset number of tiles left-right
	sta NumberTilesX
	lda tileX		//next tile row
	adc #$04
	sta tileX
	lda mapdata		//reset map pointer
	sbc #$0a
	sta mapdata
	bcs !+
	dec mapdata+1

!:	dec tileY		//all tile rows done?
	bne readmap
	lda #$04		//reset tileY	
	sta tileY
	lda #$03		//reset tileX
	sta tileX			
	lda mapdata		//next map row
	adc mapX				
	sta mapdata
	bcc !+
	inc mapdata+1			

!:	dec NumberTilesY	//all tiles top-bottom done?
	beq !+
	jmp readmap	
!:	rts				
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