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Detecting 6526 vs 6526A CIA Chips

by White Flame

This sets off a single-shot NMI to interrupt immediately before an INC statement. The older 6526 triggers one cycle later, so it will run the INC while the newer one won't.

Make sure the screen & sprites are off first.

oldCia should be in zeropage, and will have a 0 or 1 after this routine.

 ; Set NMI vector
 lda #<continue
 sta $fffa
 lda #>continue
 sta $fffb

 lda #$81  ;also don't forget to set mask. Setting $01 to an appropriate value will also help :-) (Bitbreaker/Oxyron)
 sta $dd0d

 ; Set timer to 5 cycles
 lda #4
 sta $dd04
 lda #0
 sta $dd05

 ; Clear the detection flag
 sta oldCIA

 ; Fire a 1-shot timer
 lda #%10011001
 sta $dd0e

 ; This should be interrupted before the INC
 ; only if it's a newer chip.
 lda $dd0d
 lda $dd0d
 inc oldCIA
 jmp * ; just in case

 lda $dd0d

Note by Karoshier: I had problems making this work once adapted to use CIA1 instead of CIA2, as the interrupt wouldn't fire at all and the CPU remained locked in the JMP *. The cause of this was the two consecutive LDA $DC0D before the INC oldCIA instruction. It happened by chance that one of them had been cycle-exact synchronized with the CIA and cleared the interrupt flag in the very same cycle as the one in which the interrupt was asserted. The interrupt pulse didn't last enough and the CPU didn't see it (tried on both VICE 2.4 and on the real hardware). I have solved the problem by replacing those LDA $DC0D with NOPs and readjusting the number of clock cycles the timer A is set to timeout at.

Modified to the following to allow detection of both CIAs and should account for the comment above from Bitbreaker & Karoshier. Note that the routine can be slimmed down considerably if you run this in a interrupt controlled environment:

    // Detects both CIAs and returns to BASIC after being run
    // Based on White Flame's routine + kickass format
    // By TWW/Creators


    lda #$35
    sta $01              // Disable IRQs and bank out BASIC and KERNAL

    lda #<continue1
    sta $fffe
    lda #>continue1
    sta $ffff
    lda #<continue2
    sta $fffa
    lda #>continue2
    sta $fffb            // Set IRQ/NMI vectors

    lda #$7f
    sta $dc0d
    sta $dd0d            // Mask out all IRQ/NMI sources

    lda #$82
    sta $dc0d
    lda #$81
    sta $dd0d            // Mask in Interrupt Sources from CIA #1 Timer B and CIA #2 Timer A

    lda $dc0d
    lda $dd0d            // Ack any pending interrupts
    tsx                  // Preserve STACK Pointer

    lda #0
    sta $dc06
    sta $dc07
    sta $dd04
    sta $dd05            // Set timers to 1 cycle

    cli                  // Allow IRQs to trigger
    lda #%00011001
    sta $dc0f            // Fire a 1-shot timer
    bit $00
    // IRQ happens here if it's the new CIA type    
    inc oldCIA1
    // IRQ happens here if it's the old CIA type    

    lda #%10011001
    sta $dd0e            // Fire a 1-shot timer
    bit $00
    // NMI happens here if it's the new CIA type    
    inc oldCIA2
    // NMI happens here if it's the old CIA type    

    txs                  // Restore STACK Pointer
    lda #$7f
    sta $dc0d
    sta $dd0d
    lda #$81
    sta $dc0d            // Mask out IRQs and re-enable CIA #1 Timer A to allow BASIC to run.

    lda $dc0d            // ack the IRQ
    lda $dd0d            // ack the NMI

    lda #$37
    sta $01
    cli                  // enable IRQs and Bank back BASIC and KERNAL 

    lda oldCIA1
    sta $0400
    lda oldCIA2
    sta $0402            // Show result

oldCIA1:    .byte $00
oldCIA2:    .byte $00
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