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 +====== GIF to sprites ======
 +By Mace
 +This is a Kick Assembler script that turns a GIF into separate sprites. The order is represented by strings that contain letters, enabling you to make a sprite font with only the letters that you use, but distributed into memory where the sprite pointers have screen code offset.
 +To clearify: if you have the A as your first letter in the top left of your GIF, it will be transfered to spriteMemory + 1*64 (where 1 is the screencode of the letter A). So if spriteMemory is $4000, the 64x21 top left pixels will be transfered to $4040.
 +The GIF could look something like the one below. The script assumes black letters on a white background. Compare the content of the GIF with the strings in lines 13 and 14 of the script and you'll see the resemblance. 
 +<code [enable_line_numbers="true"]>
 +.label spriteMemory = $4000
 +* = spriteMemory // spriteMemory is where you want your sprites
 +// Load the GIF with the sprite font, each letter in a 64x21 grid
 +.var spriteFont = LoadPicture("spritefont.gif",List().add($ffffff,$000000))
 +// Create a List() that contains the letters in your font
 +//  in the order as they appear in the GIF
 +.var fontMap = List()
 +// Add strings that contains all the letters for each line in the GIF
 +.eval fontMap.add("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz") // content of 1st line
 +.eval fontMap.add(@"0123456789\$27-+?!,.") // content of 2nd line
 +                                                // (@ indicates escape code)
 +// Parse the strings (var l = lines) in the fontMap List()
 +.for (var l=0; l<fontMap.size(); l++){ // loop through lines
 +// Parse each string (var p = position)
 +.for (var p=0; p<fontMap.get(l).size(); p++){ // loop through letters
 +// The location in memory is determined by the value of the letter
 +* = spriteMemory + fontMap.get(l).charAt(p)*64 // determine memory location
 +// Transfer the graphics in the GIF to the sprite
 +.fill 63, spriteFont.getSinglecolorByte((p*3)+mod(i,3), l*21+floor(i/3))
 +} // for-loop p
 +} // for-loop l
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