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pararaum [7.3 Integer to FP], Lothar Englisch says $bc3c converts a signed 8-bit value.
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pararaum [7.1 FP to integer]
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 ==== 7.1 FP to integer ==== ==== 7.1 FP to integer ====
 +There seems to be only a single routine in the ROMs, see Lothar Englisch, "The Advanced Machine Language Book", Abacus Software, 1984, p 28. IT is located at $BC9B and converts the floating-point value in the FAC (the fractional portion is truncated) into a whole number. The four mantissa bytes ($62-$65) contain the value in a big-endian representation.
 ==== 7.2 FP to string ==== ==== 7.2 FP to string ====
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