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Especially in macros, you often want to put data into a specific segments. After that is done, afaik, there's no way to go back to “previous segment” automatically. The next best thing would be to make current segment “undefined”, which isn't possible either.

One good safeguard for this is to create an empty segment.

Add to your config file:

	EMPTY: start=$07FF,  size=$0000, file=%O;
	EMPTY:             load=EMPTY, type=ro;

Then, whenever you want to make sure that developer HAS to define a segment, do:

.segment "EMPTY"

If you don't:

ld65: Warning: config.cfg(4): Memory area overflow in `EMPTY', segment `EMPTY' (1 bytes)
ld65: Error: Cannot generate output due to memory area overflow
Makefile:62: recipe for target 'example' failed
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