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 +====== Opening borders and other things ======
 +Opening the upper and lower borders is a very common VIC trick that I'm sure coders still use today.
 +The basic idea of this is to change the rows-bit of $d011 on the last row of a frame. This makes the VIC think that the borders have already started being drawn- when in reality they haven't. The VIC will place graphics from $3fff/$7fff/$bfff/$ffff depending on your selected VIC bank in the opened area. Make sure to set $3fff to 0 so this can't be seen. This doesn't need to be done with stable timing.
 +So, here's an example piece of code (TASS syntax):
 +<code>;Opening the upper and lower borders
 +;Coding by Karmic/HVSC
 +  sei ;disable interrupts
 +  lda #$35 ;bank off Kernal and BASIC roms
 +  sta $01
 +  lda #$7f ;disable timer and CIA IRQs/NMIs
 +  sta $dc0d
 +  sta $dd0d
 +  lda $dc0d ;acknowledge any pending interrupt
 +  lda $dd0d
 +  lda #<irq ;set the IRQ vectors
 +  sta $fffe
 +  lda #>irq
 +  sta $ffff
 +  lda #$f8 ;set rasterline- can be done on lines $f8-$fa
 +  sta $d012
 +  lda #$01 ;enable raster irqs
 +  sta $d01a
 +  lda #$00 ;make it so $3fff area displays nothing
 +  sta $3fff
 +  sta $d010 ;all MSBs of X positions off
 +  lda #$ff ;make a block sprite at $3000
 +  ldx #63
 +  sta $3000,x
 +  dex
 +  bpl *-4
 +  ldx #$07
 +  lda #$01 ;set sprite colors to white
 +  sta $d027,x
 +  lda #$c0 ;set sprite pointers
 +  sta $07f8,x
 +  dex
 +  bpl loop
 +  inx ;set sprite positions
 +  clc
 +  lda #$40
 +  sta $d000,x
 +  sta $d001,x
 +  adc #$18
 +  inx
 +  inx
 +  cpx #$10
 +  bcc loop2
 +  lda #$ff ;enable sprites now
 +  sta $d015
 +  inc $d019 ;acknowledge any pending VIC IRQs
 +  cli ;enable interrupts again
 +  ldy #8 ;delay
 +  dey
 +  bpl *-1
 +  nop
 +  inc $d020 ;something to look at
 +  inc $d021
 +  jmp main
 +  lda #$13 ;make it 24 rows
 +  sta $d011
 +  lda #$fc ;wait for line $fc- anything not in the last row will work
 +  cmp $d012
 +  bne *-3
 +  lda #$1b ;set back to 25 rows
 +  sta $d011
 +  clc
 +  ldx #1 ;move the sprites around
 +  inc $d000,x
 +  dec $d002,x
 +  txa
 +  adc #4
 +  tax
 +  cpx #$10
 +  bcc loop3
 +  inc $d019 ;acknowledge IRQ
 +  rti ;end</code>
 +Wait, but that's not all. You can also disable the main screen and show nothing but sprites. $3fff will be displayed on the whole screen. This has the advantage of not having to worry about badlines. This idea is very similar to the previous, except with a few differences:
 +You must write $1b to $d011 first, and then write $00.
 +The first write can be done on lines $31-$f6, and the second write can be done on lines $f8-$fa.
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