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If you quickly need to flip the bits in a byte in reverse (turning bits from 01234567 to 76543210) you can use this unrolled loop.

        ldx #0
.for(var i=0;i<8;i++)
        lsr // shift A down, bit 0 to C
        tay // copy to Y doesn't change C
        txa // pull x to a, doesn't change C
        rol // shift left, C to bit 0
        tax // stash a in x
        tya // get start a back from y

(kickassembler loop syntax)

This takes a byte in A, reverses the bits and exits with the reversed bits in A again, using X and Y for temporary storage and only short 2-cycle instructions in the loop. Of course a table lookup will be faster if you do this a lot in your code.

– this would be faster (enter with the value in .A, result in .A, .X will be 0)

        ldx #8
loop    asl 
        ror $2
        bne loop
        lda $2

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