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Whatsapp is the new in with the technological advancement

Smartphone is a rage now in the world of communication apps. Android, iOS or Windows Phone; these phones work the best with the presence of communication apps like Whatsapp. In terms of Odia news, people from all round the world prefers Whatsapp over any other communication app, because of its flexibility and stability. According to the latest update of Odisha Samaya, Whatsapp is the new kid with the best features in the block. Its features include texting, messaging, video exchanging as well as voice messaging. The users can enjoy group chats and group conversations along with group sharing.

Whatsapp is here with the touch of new technology and functionalities. The Whatsapp is very powerful communication medium. There are loads of people who desire to have an easiest medium of talking, texting, exchanging pictures and videos. According to the recent update by Oriya news, this new application has actually increased the level of communication over the years. The best goes with the fact that more than 50% of Indians use Whatsapp for the technological advancement exchange required news and reports.

The Whatsapp has finally rolled out the voice calling feature in terms of the Odia News. The Whatsapp Windows phone app has added the new feature of voice calling with the facility of mobile data. The feature is available in Blackberry, iOS as well as Android devices. Odisha Samaya is a much updated news website and creates a much better place. The April month has recorded more 800 million Whatsapp users, as reported by the CEO and co-founder Jan Koum, as updated by the Oriya News.

The new feature of voice calling added in Whatsapp application also contented the emergency service numbers facility. According to the report and recent survey placed by Odia News, in countries like UK, U.S.A and India, more than 50% is spent in communication apps like Whatsapp. This communication app comes with various packages after tenure of one year free service. There are various services for one year, three years etc. The installation is definitely a big deal with the presence of all the best facilities available in this communication app.

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