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 +====== Wishlist ======
 +On this page you can add requests for certain types of information. Note that it is very helpful to know what sort of information, or improvements on existing information, the people are actually looking for. This helps potential contributors to the wiki to decide whether it is worth spending some effort on writing this or that.
 +===== We want... =====
 +==== general ====
 +  * More pictures/screenshots. A simple screenshot next to an effect/routine would be very informative for somebody who doesn't speak the lingo but who likes to get a better understanding.
 +=== particular ===
 +  * Tutorial/sources on making your own multi bank api for a cart image (for the Retro Replay hardware) in a nice way.
 +  * Tutorial/sources on best practice ways of plotting to different gfx formats (bitmap hires, bitmap multi, sprites, special modes..)
 +  * Tutorial/sources on interesting graphic effects that can be used in games.
 +  * (Games) Tutorial/sources on pixel perfect sprite / sprite collision
 +===== We got... =====
 +  * RLE packer/depacker asm sources - Richard - Now available [[base:rle_pack_unpack|here]].
 +  * Tutorial on how to use Macros in ACME Cross assembler - thanks to St0fF/Neoplasia now available [[base:acme-macro-tut|here]]
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