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 +====== Wishlist ======
 +On this page you can add requests for certain types of information. Note that it is very helpful to know what sort of information,​ or improvements on existing information,​ the people are actually looking for. This helps potential contributors to the wiki to decide whether it is worth spending some effort on writing this or that.
 +===== We want... =====
 +==== general ====
 +  * More pictures/​screenshots. A simple screenshot next to an effect/​routine would be very informative for somebody who doesn'​t speak the lingo but who likes to get a better understanding.
 +=== particular ===
 +  * Tutorial/​sources on making your own multi bank api for a cart image (for the Retro Replay hardware) in a nice way.
 +  * Tutorial/​sources on best practice ways of plotting to different gfx formats (bitmap hires, bitmap multi, sprites, special modes..)
 +  * Tutorial/​sources on interesting graphic effects that can be used in games.
 +  * (Games) Tutorial/​sources on pixel perfect sprite / sprite collision
 +===== We got... =====
 +  * RLE packer/​depacker asm sources - Richard - Now available [[base:​rle_pack_unpack|here]].
 +  * Tutorial on how to use Macros in ACME Cross assembler - thanks to St0fF/​Neoplasia now available [[base:​acme-macro-tut|here]]
 +===== Wanted pages =====
 +This is a list of pages that do not exist on the wiki, but someone has created a link to them anyway, which implies that they want such a page to be created. (They may also be working on such a page themselves.)
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