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This page contains a number of complete magazines released elsewhere in the past, “mirrored” here for the sake of preservation. It would be nice to add contents from “real” c64 mags on this page too, converted from the original format into ascii, and a section is created at the bottom of this page for that kind of articles.

What to think of when editing this part of the wiki

This section contains magazines and articles from magazines once released elsewhere as finished products, not originally intended for wikis. Therefore these kinds of articles need to be handled a little bit more carefully than other parts of the wiki. In short; any modifications to these texts should be added in footnotes rather than by modifying the original text.

Adding footnotes is done by inserting the text you want to add in double parenteses ((like this)) (and the result would be 1) ). No information should be removed or changed in the original articles and please state clearly who you are, in case you add a footnote.

In this way, the wiki can work both as a preservation tool and as a way to get to grips with errors and other flaws in these texts, and at the same time make articles in C64 form accessible to google searches and so on.

Non Commercial Magazines

C= Hacking

Shamelessly taken from "The Official Unofficial C= Hacking homepage".

There is also a Table of Contents available (also taken from the page mentioned above).


Kindly supplied by the editor of this magazine.

Articles from diskmags

Single articles from C64 diskmags should go into the main section of the codebase, rather than having a separate area. Note that there is another wiki around which aims to preserve contents of c64 disk mags like this, which is more suitable for whole mags (which of course is not only concerned with coding matters).

Commercial Magazines

There are other sites that collect scanned commercial magazines. Support them instead of adding this kind of content here.

  • Many scanned mags can be found in pdf format at DLH's site.
  • Scanned Transactor mags are available here.
  • German “Magic Disk 64” mag is available here in ascii format.
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