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Detecting Sid Type - safe method

This SID detection routine is based on the fact that there is a one cycle delay in the oscillator on 8580 compared to 6581 when turned on.

	;By SounDemon - Based on a tip from Dag Lem.
	;Put together by FTC after SounDemons instructions
	;...and tested by Rambones and Jeff.
	; - Don't run this routine on a badline
	sei		;No disturbing interrupts
	lda #$ff
	cmp $d012	;Don't run it on a badline.
	bne *-3
	;Detection itself starts here	
	lda #$ff	;Set frequency in voice 3 to $ffff 
	sta $d412	;...and set testbit (other bits don't matter) in VCREG3 ($d412) to disable oscillator
	sta $d40e
	sta $d40f
	lda #$20	;Sawtooth wave and gatebit OFF to start oscillator again.
	sta $d412
	lda $d41b	;Accu now has different value depending on sid model (6581=3/8580=2)
	lsr		;...that is: Carry flag is set for 6581, and clear for 8580.
	bcc model_8580

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