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Duo Blast

You will need to use sprite pad to draw 3 sprites. Actually, just draw two triangles. One that points up and another that points down. Finally draw a small square or a dot then save the lot. Now try this Acme Cross Assembler routine.


Creating your first game

;This is an example tutorial for you to 
;learn how to create your own 2 player 
;Shot 'em Up, which includes joystick 
;control, a score system, etc. 

;Let's setup the perameters for our 
;game. These are the player positions. 

plr1_x   = $0340 ;Player 1 x-position 
plr1_y   = $0341 ;Player 1 y-position 
plr2_x   = $0342 ;Player 2 x-position 
plr2_y   = $0343 ;Player 2 y-position 

;Our parameters for the player bullets 

plr1b_x  = $0344 ;Player 1 bullet-xpos 
plr1b_y  = $0345 ;Player 1 bullet-ypos 
plr2b_x  = $0346 ;Player 2 bullet-xpos 
plr2b_y  = $0347 ;Player 2 bullet-ypos 

;Collisions parameters 

plr1col  = $0350 ;Value storage for p1 
plr2col  = $0354 ;Value storage for p2 

;bullet lockup routines 

plr1lockup = $0360 ;Lockup for players 
plr2lockup = $0361 ;shooting 

;We need to create a jump start for this 
;example, so we will create our own jump 
;address where it does not overlap data 
;which had been loaded. 

         !to "duoblast.prg",cbm
         *= $1000-2 
         !binary "music.dat"
         *= $2000-2
         !binary "sprites.dat"
         *= $2400 

start      sei ;Set irq flag 

;Clear the screen without JSR $E544 

         ldx #$00    ;Calls a routine 
clear    lda #$20    ;to fill the whole 
         sta $0400,x ;screen with #$20, 
         sta $0500,x ;which is the 
         sta $0600,x ;blank space 
         sta $06e8,x ;routine. 
         inx         ; 
         bne clear   ; 

;You should be familiar with the next 
;example code. If not then look at the 
;earlier chapters of A$$EMBLE IT! 

         lda #$00 
         sta $d020 
         sta $d021 

         lda #$16 
         sta $d018 

         lda #$1b 
         sta $d011 

         lda #$ff 
         sta $d015 

;Now here we create the sprite objects 

         lda #$81 
         sta $07f8 ;Player 1 ship 
         lda #$82 
         sta $07f9 ;Player 1 bullet 
         lda #$80 
         sta $07fa ;Player 2 ship 
         lda #$82 
         sta $07fb ;Player 2 bullet 

;This is where we setup the colours of 
;the two players and bullets. 

         lda #$02  ;Colour red 
         sta $d027 ;Player 1 
         sta $d028 ;Player 1 bullet 

         lda #$07  ;Colour yellow 
         sta $d029 ;Player 2 
         sta $d02a ;Player 2 bullet 

;This is a different routine, as now the 
;default sprite positions are copied to 
;the declared parameters. 

         lda $d000   ;This is a method 
         sta plr1_x  ;of copying and 
         lda $d001   ;pasting the sprite 
         sta plr1_y  ;positions so that 
         lda $d002   ;you can use this 
         sta plr1b_x ;to program the 
         lda $d003   ;sprites positions 
         sta plr1b_y ;later on in the 
         lda $d004   ;routines, for a 
         sta plr2_x  ;much faster 
         lda $d005   ;and decent 
         sta plr2_y  ;movement for all 
         lda $d006   ;the sprites in 
         sta plr2b_x ;this game. 
         lda $d007 
         sta plr2b_y 

;Now we reposition the two players and 
;put the bullets into zero 

         lda #$42    ;All this is the 
         sta plr1_y  ;repositioning the 
         lda #$18    ;two player ships, 
         sta plr1_x  ;by using the 'x' 
         lda #$e0    ;positions and the 
         sta plr2_y  ;'y' positions, 
         lda #$98    ;as simple as that 
         sta plr2_x  ;:) 

         lda #$00    ;All bullets are 
         sta plr1b_x ;repositioned to 
         sta plr1b_y ;the zero value 
         sta plr2b_x ;yet again 'x' and 
         sta plr2b_y ;'y' positions 

;Setup the scoreboard 

         lda #$30  ;We put zero on: 
         sta $0400 ;first line 
         lda #$02  ;paint first line 
         sta $d800 ;red 
         lda #$30  ;zero put on 
         sta $0427 ;first line as last 
         lda #$07  ;paint character 
         sta $d827 ;yellow 

;Now for the main body of this program 
;the Interrupt flag, but we wont use 
;JMP $EA81 or JMP $EA31, as no keyboard 
;control will be required 

         lda #<int ; Call INT values 
         ldx #>int ; into an IRQ raster 
         ldy #$00  ; interrupt value and 
         sta $0314 ; zero the rasterline 
         stx $0315 ; 
         sty $d012 
         lda #$7f  ; Keep the screen on 
         ldx #$1b  ; and continue the 
         sta $dc0d ; main interrupt 
         stx $d011 ; read 

         lda #$00  ;Initialise music 
         tax       ;according to tune 
         tay       ;number 
         jsr $1000 ; 

         lda #$01 
         sta $d019 ;IRQ is turned on 
         sta $d01a ;---------------- 

         lda $dc0d ;Copy $DC0D to $DD0D 
         sta $dd0d ;to have the IRQ 
                   ;working properly. 

         cli       ;Clear IRQ flag 
loop     jmp loop  ;Jump to the loop 

;Our main interrupt 

int      asl $d019 ;Keep $D019 running 

;Call routine to expand and reconvert 
;the sprite positions 

         jsr expand 

;Call routine to read joystick port 2 
;for player 1 and player 2 

         jsr read1up 
         jsr read2up 

;Call routine for bullet movements 

         jsr bullmove 

;Call routine for collision detection 
;and player 1 and player 2 bullet to 
;player collision. 

         jsr detect 
         jsr p1col 
         jsr p2col 

;And finally play the music 

         jsr $1003 ;Play music 

         pla ; An IRQ loop routine. 
         tay ; 
         pla ; This will keep all the 
         tax ; jsr routines playing 
         pla ; without using JMP $EA81 
         rti ; or JMP $EA31 

;Expand and reconver the sprite position 

expand   lda plr1_y   ;Copy player y 
         sta $d001    ;to exact position 
         lda plr1b_y  ;Copy bullet 1 y 
         sta $d003    ;to exact position 
         lda plr2_y   ;The same goes 
         sta $d005    ;with this routine 
         lda plr2b_y  ;but instead it 
         sta $d007    ;works with p2. 

         lda plr1_x   ;Copy player x 
         asl a        ;calculate 64 
         ror $d010    ;Expand x pos. 
         sta $d000    ;put at exact xpos 
         lda plr1b_x  ;Copy bullet 
         asl a        ;and do the same 
         ror $d010    ;as with the 
         sta $d002    ;player. 
         lda plr2_x   ; 
         asl a        ;All this is the 
         ror $d010    ;same except that 
         sta $d004    ;it will work with 
         lda plr2b_x  ;Player 2 and the 
         asl a        ;Player 2 bullet 
         ror $d010    ;instead. 
         sta $d006    ; 
         rts          ; 

;Read joystick control for player1 

read1up  lda $dc00 ;Read port 2 
         lsr a ;Joystick up 
         lsr a ;Joystick down 
left1    lsr a ;Joystick left 
         bcs right1 
         ldx plr1_x ;Move player 1 
         dex        ;left across screen 
         dex        ;using 2 for speed 
         cpx #$0e   ;does the player 
         bcs set1   ;move further than 
         ldx #$0e   ;$0e, if so then 
set1     stx plr1_x ;stop. Else continue 
right1   lsr a      ;Joystick right 
         bcs fire1 
         ldx plr1_x ;Move player 1 
         inx        ;right across screen 
         inx        ;using the same 
         cpx #$9a   ;speed. If player 
         bcc set2   ;exceeds $9a, then 
         ldx #$9a   ;make the player 
set2     stx plr1_x ;stop. 

fire1    lsr a ;Firebutton 
         bcs nojoy1 
         lda plr1lockup ;Is player fire 
         cmp #$00       ;control 
         bne nojoy1     ;unlocked. If so 
         lda #$01       ;then lock fire 
         sta plr1lockup ;and position 
         ldx plr1_x     ;the bullet x 
         stx plr1b_x    ;and y positions 
         ldx plr1_y     ;exactly at the 
         stx plr1b_y    ;same areas as 
                        ;the player. 
nojoy1   rts 

;Read joystick control for Player 2 
;(joystick port 1) 

read2up  lda $dc01    ;Read JOY Port 1 
         lsr a ;up 
         lsr a ;down  ;Please read the 
left2    lsr a ;left  ;player 1 
         bcs right2   ;joystick control 
         ldx plr2_x   ;as this routine 
         dex          ;is exactly the 
         dex          ;same as the 
         cpx #$0e     ;player 1 controls 
         bcs set1_1   ;but works for 
         ldx #$0e     ;player 2. 
set1_1   stx plr2_x 
right2   lsr a 
         bcs fire2 
         ldx plr2_x 
         cpx #$9a 
         bcc set1_2 
         ldx #$9a 
set1_2   stx plr2_x 
fire2    lsr a 
         bcs nojoy2 
         lda plr2lockup 
         cmp #$00 
         bne nojoy2 
         lda #$01 
         sta plr2lockup 
         ldx plr2_x 
         stx plr2b_x 
         ldx plr2_y 
         stx plr2b_y 
nojoy2   rts 

;call bullet routines 

bullmove ldx plr1b_y  ;The bullet moves 
         inx          ;but if it hits 
         inx          ;$F6+ it will stop 
         inx          ;off screen else 
         inx          ;if below that 
         inx          ;limit, the bullet 
         inx          ;/ moves on, else 
         cpx #$f6     ;bullet off screen 
         bcc repsbul1 
         lda #$00       ;Turn off the 
         sta plr1lockup ;fire lockup 
         ldx #$f6 
repsbul1 stx plr1b_y 

         ldx plr2b_y  ;The bullet moves 
         dex          ;up but if it hits 
         dex          ;$0C- it will stop 
         dex          ;off screen, else 
         dex          ;if below that 
         dex          ;limit, the bullet 
         dex          ;/ moves on. else 
         cpx #$06     ;bullet off screen 
         bcs repsbul2 
         lda #$00       ;Turn off the 
         sta plr2lockup ;fire lockup 
         ldx #$06 
repsbul2 stx plr2b_y 

;Setup collision detection for player 1 
;and player 2 

detect   lda plr1_x       ;Calculate 
         sec              ;the storage 
         sbc #$06         ;values for 
         sta plr1col+$00  ;the exact 
         clc              ;positions of 
         adc #$0c         ;player 1, so 
         sta plr1col+$01  ;that when the 
         lda plr1_y       ;opponents' 
         sec              ;bullet hits 
         sbc #$0c         ;the player, 
         sta plr1col+$02  ;it has to be 
         clc              ;in the exact 
         adc #$18         ;position of 
         sta plr1col+$03  ;player 1. 

         lda plr2_x       ;The same 
         sec              ;calculations 
         sbc #$06         ;for player 2 
         sta plr2col+$00  ;bullet to 
         clc              ;player 
         adc #$0c         ;collision. 
         sta plr2col+$01 
         lda plr2_y 
         sbc #$0c 
         sta plr2col+$02 
         adc #$18 
         sta plr2col+$03 

;Check player 1 bullet collision on 
;player 2 ship 

p2col    lda plr1b_x     ;Is the bullet 
         cmp plr2col+$00 ;at the correct 
         bcc missp2      ;position where 
         cmp plr2col+$01 ;the player is? 
         bcs missp2      ; 
         lda plr1b_y     ;If not then 
         cmp plr2col+$02 ;the bullet 
         bcc missp2      ;misses the 
         cmp plr2col+$03 ;player. 
         bcs missp2      ; 
         lda #$f6        ;Else move 
         sta plr1b_y     ;bullet off 
         lda #$00        ;screen, turn 
         sta plr1lockup  ;off fire lock 
         inc $0400       ;add 1 point 
         lda $0400       ;check score 
         cmp #$3a        ;is it over 9? 
         bne missp2      ;if not then 
                         ;miss, else 
         jmp victory1    ;jump to win 
missp2   rts 

;Check player2 bullet on player 1 ship 

p1col    lda plr2b_x     ;Does the 
         cmp plr1col+$00 ;bullet hit 
         bcc missp1      ;the player in 
         cmp plr1col+$01 ;exact position 
         bcs missp1      ;of the player 
         lda plr2b_y     ;ship? If so 
         cmp plr1col+$02 ;then continue 
         bcc missp1      ;else jump to 
         cmp plr1col+$03 ;missp1 
         bcs missp1 
         lda #$06 
         sta plr2b_y 
         lda #$00 
         sta plr2lockup 
         inc $0427       ;Add 1 point 
         lda $0427       ;check score 
         cmp #$3a        ;is it over '9' 
         bne missp1      ;if so then 
         jmp victory2    ;player2 wins 
missp1   rts 

victory1 sei             ;Stop all IRQs 
         lda #$00        ;Turn off all 
         sta $d015       ;the sprites 

         ldx #$00        ;Call a routine 
win1     lda vic1,x      ;to display 
         sta $0400,x     ;player1 wins 
         lda #$01        ;message and 
         sta $d800,x     ;paint the 
         inx             ;message white 
         cpx #$28        ;and display 
         bne win1        ;as 40 chars 

         jmp space       ;Jump to space 

victory2 sei             ;   Look at 
         lda #$00        ;  'victory1' 
         sta $d015       ;same function 

         ldx #$00        ;This routine 
win2     lda vic2,x      ;does exactly 
         sta $0400,x     ;the same, but 
         lda #$01        ;it reads the 
         sta $d800,x     ;text from 
         inx             ;vic2 so that 
         cpx #$28        ;player 2 wins 
         bne win2        ;the game 

         jmp space       ;You know this 
                         ;if not then 
                         ;look at the 
                         ;'jmp space' 

space    ldx #$00        ;Another text 
setspc   lda spc,x       ;display 
         sta $07c0,x     ;routine. This 
         lda #$03        ;time position 
         sta $dbc0,x     ;the text at 
         inx             ;the bottom of 
         cpx #$28        ;the screen as 
         bne setspc      ;40 chars 

;Lame hit space routine :)

hitspace lda #$80        ;Create a 
raster   cmp $d012       ;raster control 
         bne raster      ;to continue 
         jsr $1003       ;playing music 

         lda $dc01       ;Read SPACEBAR 
         cmp #$ef        ;if not pressed 
         bne raster      ;then jump to 
                         ;the raster to 
                         ;the SPACE read 
                         ;routine and 
                         ;play music 

         jmp start       ;Restart game 

;Our text display data tables. 

         ;Player 1 victory 

vic1     !scr "player 1 proves that" 
         !scr " player 2 is a loser" 

         ;Player 2 victory 

vic2     !scr "player 2 proves that" 
         !scr " player 1 is a loser" 

         ;Spacebar prompt message 

spc      !scr "  press the spacebar" 
         !scr " for another game!  "  
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