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Fastest 16x16 unsigned multiplication

By Repose

Requires tables or a generator routine such as table_generator_routine_for_fast_8_bit_mul_table

Jack Asser's: 238.1 cycles ref: seriously_fast_multiplication
Chris Jam's: 204.5* ref:
Mine: 198.6 zp variation: 194.6
Times above need to add 6 for rts
Note: updated 2023; corrected code, typos and timings
*Timing approximate for external code
This is the winner out of 120 published algorithms as independently tested here:
Note: I have a new version which is 188.1 cycles, excepting the RTS.

;World's fastest 16x16 unsigned mult for 6502
;you can go faster, but not without more code and/or data
;and being less elegant and harder to follow.
;by Repose 2017
;table generator by Graham
;addition improvement suggested by JackAsser

;data: 2044 bytes
;zero page ram required: minimum 8 bytes, ideally 14
;do_add: 30 bytes in zp, if used
;time: 198.6 cycles, option for 194.6 if you use 30 more zp bytes for do_add
;measurement method: average timings over all input combinations

;How to use:
;put numbers in x/y and result is Y reg (z3), A reg (z2), z1, z0

;tables of squares
sqrlo=$c100;511 bytes
sqrhi=$c300;511 bytes
negsqrlo=$c500;511 bytes
negsqrhi=$c700;511 bytes

;pointers to square tables above
p_sqr_lo=$8b;2 bytes
p_sqr_hi=$8d;2 bytes
p_invsqr_lo=$8f;2 bytes
p_invsqr_hi=$91;2 bytes

;the inputs and outputs
x0=$fb;multiplier, 2 bytes
y0=$fd;multiplicand, 2 bytes
z0=$80;product, 2 bytes
z2=$82 ;returned in A reg
z3=$83 ;returned in Y reg

;Example showing use
lda #$ff
sta x0
sta x1
sta y0
sta y1
jsr makesqrtables
jsr umult16
sta z2
sty z3
;result should be $fffe0001, e.g. as viewed with a typical m 0080 monitor command:
;0080 01 00 fe ff

;init zp square tables pointers
lda #>sqrlo
sta p_sqr_lo+1
lda #>sqrhi
sta p_sqr_hi+1
lda #>negsqrlo
sta p_invsqr_lo+1
lda #>negsqrhi
sta p_invsqr_hi+1

;generate sqr(x)=x^2/4
      ldx #$00
      !by $c9   ; CMP #immediate - skip TYA and clear carry flag
lb1:  tya
      adc #$00
ml1:  sta sqrhi,x
      cmp #$40
ml9:  adc #$00
      sta ml9+1
ml0:  sta sqrlo,x
      bne lb1
      inc ml0+2
      inc ml1+2
      bne lb1

;generate negsqr(x)=(255-x)^2/4
      ldx #$00
      ldy #$ff
      lda sqrhi+1,x
      sta negsqrhi+$100,x
      lda sqrhi,x
      sta negsqrhi,y
      lda sqrlo+1,x
      sta negsqrlo+$100,x
      lda sqrlo,x
      sta negsqrlo,y
      bne mt1

;set multiplier as x0
lda x0
sta p_sqr_lo
sta p_sqr_hi
eor #$ff
sta p_invsqr_lo
sta p_invsqr_hi;17

ldy y0
lda (p_sqr_lo),y
sbc (p_invsqr_lo),y;note these two lines taken as 10.996 total or 10+65280/65536
sta z0;x0*y0l
lda (p_sqr_hi),y
sbc (p_invsqr_hi),y
sta c1a+1;x0*y0h; 2+3+10.996+3+10.996+4=33.992
;c1a means column 1, row a (partial product to be added later)

ldy y1
;sec  ;notice that the high byte of subtraction above is always positive, leaving Carry set
lda (p_sqr_lo),y
sbc (p_invsqr_lo),y
sta c1b+1;x0*y1l
lda (p_sqr_hi),y
sbc (p_invsqr_hi),y
sta c2a+1;x0*y1h; 3+10.996+4+10.996+4=32.992

;set multiplier as x1
lda x1
sta p_sqr_lo
sta p_sqr_hi
eor #$ff
sta p_invsqr_lo
sta p_invsqr_hi;17

ldy y0
lda (p_sqr_lo),y
sbc (p_invsqr_lo),y
sta c1c+1;x1*y0l
lda (p_sqr_hi),y
sbc (p_invsqr_hi),y
sta c2b+1;x1*y0h;32.992

ldy y1
lda (p_sqr_lo),y
sbc (p_invsqr_lo),y
sta c2c+1;x1*y1l
lda (p_sqr_hi),y
sbc (p_invsqr_hi),y
tay;Y=x1*y1h, 30.992 cycles
;17+34+33+17+33+31=164.97 cycles for main multiply part (minimum=157, maximum=173)

;jmp do_adds; can put do_adds in zp for a slight speed increase
;-add the first two numbers of column 1
c1a:	lda #0
c1b:	adc #0
	sta z1;9

;-continue to first two numbers of column 2
c2a:	lda #0
c2b:	adc #0
	bcc c1c;9
	clc;(+3) taken 7% of the time, 3*.07=+.21

;-add last number of column 1
c1c:	lda #0
	adc z1
	sta z1;8

;-add last number of column 2
c2c:	adc #0
	bcc fin;7
	iny;(+1) taken 42% of the time, 1*.42=.42

;Y=z3, A=z2
;add partials part total cycles=33.63 (minimum=33, maximum=37)
;total time=164.97+33.63=198.6
fin:	rts;add 6 to include this (204.6)

Diagram of the additions
                y1    y0
             x  x1    x0
             x0y0h x0y0l
+      x0y1h x0y1l
+      x1y0h x1y0l
+x1y1h x1y1l
    z3    z2    z1    z0     
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