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Highscore detection

When I was coding games, like Bomb Chase 2007, etc. I wanted to add a high score detection routine. This example below shows how the high score detection works using 6 chars on screen, when using number chars on a game screen. :)

                        lda playerscore+0
			lda hiscore1+5
			sbc playerscore+5
			lda hiscore1+4
			sbc playerscore+4
			lda hiscore1+3
			sbc playerscore+3
			lda hiscore1+2
			sbc playerscore+2
			lda hiscore1+1
			sbc playerscore+1
			lda hiscore1+0
			sbc playerscore+0
			bpl nohiscore
                        jmp newhiscore

nohiscore:              ;Rest of program

newhiscore:             ;Rest of program 
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