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Simple Makefile for ca65 projects, that puts compiled binary to .d64 files, and also shows the directory. Variation of this is used in practically all of my modern C64 projects.

“make run” also passes labels to VICE monitor for easier debugging.

Tested on Ubuntu & MorphOS.

CPU = 6502
C1541 = c1541
# Also pass symbols to VICE monitor
X64 = x64 -moncommands symbols
OUTPUT = "diskcontents/myprg.prg"

DISKNAME = myprg
ID = 17

AS = ca65
# Add defines, if needed (-DWHATEVER)
ASFLAGS = -g --cpu $(CPU) --include-dir src/

LD = ld65
#Define segments & files in config.cfg
LDFLAGS = -m labels.txt -Ln symbols -o $(OUTPUT) -C config.cfg

OBJS = \
	src/main.o \

all: d64

myprg: $(OBJS)

d64: myprg
	$(C1541) -format $(DISKNAME),$(ID) d64 $(DISKFILENAME)
	$(C1541) -attach $(DISKFILENAME) -write $(OUTPUT)
	$(C1541) -attach $(DISKFILENAME) -list

run: d64

	rm -f src/*.o diskcontents/* labels.txt symbols $(DISKFILENAME)
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