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Print Stringchain

Prints a stored textchain on a C64 (like $AB1E).

BSOUT  = $ffd2	; print value in accu on screen

TXTOUT_LB = $22	; pointer for text lb address (unused memory on zeropage)
TXTOUT_HB = $23	; pointer for text hb address (unused memory on zeropage)

        LDA #<txt2	; HB address of text
	sta TXTOUT_HB	; store on HB Text pointer
	LDY #>txt2	; LB address of text
	sta TXTOUT_LB	; store on HB Text pointer
	jsr TXTOUT      ; print 'HELLO WORLD.'
        rts             ; bye

TXTOUT	ldy #$00        ; set index to zero
t0	lda (TXTOUT_LB),y ; get char
	beq end		; Text end?
	jsr BSOUT	; print char
	iny		; index next char
	jmp t0		; loop
end	rts		; bye

txt0 byte "HELLO WORLD.",$0d,0
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