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This wiki contains all kinds of articles related to Commodore 64 coding. There is a vast array of source codes, tutorials, manuals, notes on clever tricks and hardware quirks and so on… You name it!

Codebase64 has been up and running since 2007 and continues to grow thanks to the users of this site. To contribute yourself, please register by pressing the login button in the horizontal menubar on this page and then click register on the page that comes up next. All kinds of contributions are more than welcome! If you need instructions, please have a look in the “Meta” section in the menu to the left.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please visit the wish list page and add your requests. It is very useful to know what information people are actually looking for.

This wiki also provides an RSS feed feature. See the very bottom of this page for a link to this feed.


Site contents

The main part of this site is the codebase. It contains a lot of pages on all kinds of topics. Please go ahead and add your stuff here too!

These two sections contain collections of mags and books, not originally intended for wikis, but still highly relevant to C64 coding. Any modifications to these texts should be added outside the texts, or in footnotes, rather than by modifying the original texts, since they have once been released as finished wholes.

This section contains user projects. This place is meant to host YOUR c64 coding projects. This is not sourceforge, and no services like SVN or CVS are provided, but feel free to upload archive files with downloadable sources and other relevant resources.

The following section contain external links to resources in other places on the world wide web. In general, external links are to be avoided on the wiki, since it is preferred to store all relevant information on this site as far as possible. (If that is not possible, an external link might be ok after all.) In this specific section, external links are more than welcome though.


Get in touch with Frantic/HT (administrator of this site) through CSDb for questions, ideas and so on.

  • Go to the suggestions page if you want to give some feedback or discuss the wiki itself. (Remember that I might not check this page more than once in a while.)
  • There is also a Wish List where you can add requests for stuff that is not currently available in the wiki, but that you think would be nice to see. Someone might very well pick up on that.
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