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Reference for HES GRAPHICS BASIC 1.07
Initial document by Kurious
*This document currently is incomplete*

Colors: There are identifiers for the 16 colors



 <color> - numeric value/variable or one of the color identifiers above
 <sprite> - sprite number from 1 to 8
 <voice> - an audio voice number from 1 to 3
 <device> - default device is 8
 [] - optional parameter
 {<etc>|<etc>|<etc>} - a choice of parameters
 [,<etc>...] - can repeat many times

Graphics commands:

 HIRES and MULTI modes display the same graphics buffer in different ways
 The origin (0,0) lies at the lower left corner; coordinates are used as in typical math
 TEXT - Switch to text mode
 HIRES - Switch to HIRES mode
 MULTI - Switch to MULTI mode
 BACKGROUND <color> - Choose background color
 BORDER <color> - Choose border color
 HIRES COLOR <color> ON <color> - Choose foreground and background hires colors
 MULTI COLOR <color>,<color>,<color> - Choose multicolor colors
 CLEAR [<pattern>] - Clear the graphics buffer using pattern (0-255), default 0
 FILL <x>,<y> - Fill at the specified coordinate
 DOT <x>,<y> - Draw a dot at the specified coordinate
 LINE <x1>,<y1> TO <x2>,<y2> - Draw a line
 BOX <x1>,<y1> TO <x2>,<y2> - Draw the outline of a box
 GPRINT <string> - Print the string within the graphics buffer
 SETORIGIN <x>,<y> - Change the location of the origin
 WINDOW <x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2> - Clip graphics commands to occur within this window
 WINDOW - Issue without parameters to remove the window
 SCALE <x>,<y> - Choose a different scale (NOTE: Command is accepted but doesn't seem to work)

Sprite commands:

 The following commands can be combined, i.e., SPRITE 1 ON AT 10,10 COLOR BLUE
 SPRITE <sprite> {ON|OFF} - Turn sprite on or off
 SPRITE <sprite> SHAPE <value> - The value is from 0 to 255
 SPRITE <sprite> COLOR <color> - Choose sprite color
 SPRITE <sprite> XYSIZE <xsize>,<ysize> - Sizes are 1 for single or 2 for double
 SPRITE <sprite> UNDER {ON|OFF} - Choose the plane of the sprite
 SPRITE <sprite> AT <x>,<y> - Choose the sprite position
 SPRITE <sprite> ANIMATE {ON|OFF} - Turns sprite animation on or off
 SPRITE <sprite> SPEED <number>,<number> - Accepts non-integer values
 XPOS(<sprite>) - Returns X sprite position (this array is read-only)
 YPOS(<sprite>) - Returns Y sprite position (this array is read-only)

Sound commands:

 Commands are accepted but don't seem to work
 The following commands can be combined, i.e., VOICE 1 ON WAVE SAW
 SOUND {ON|OFF} - Turn sound on or off
 VOLUME <volume> - Choose the volume from 0 to 15
 VOICE <voice> {ON|OFF} - Turn voice on or off
 VOICE <voice> WAVE {SAW|TRIANGLE|PULSE|NOISE} - Choose the waveform
 VOICE <voice> ADSR <attack>,<decay>,<sustain>,<release> - Select voice envelope
 VOICE <voice> PLAY <value>[,<value>...] - Values are from 0 to 65535

Disk commands:

 DIR [<device>] - Display directory
 DISK <command>,[<device>] - Execute disk command, for example: DISK "R:NEWNAME=OLDNAME"
 DISK [,<device>] - Specify no command to retrieve status
 SPRITE {LOAD|SAVE} <filename> - Load or save sprites from/to disk

Keyboard commands:

 KEY LIST - List function key assignments
 KEY {ON|OFF} - Activate of deactivate function key assignments
 KEY(<function-key-number>)=<string> - Perform assignment to the indicated function key

Flow control:

 ON ERROR GOTO <line-number> - Choose a non-existing line number to disable error control
 PROCEDURE <procedure-name>[(<parameter>[,<parameter>...])] - Must be in code, only a marker
 DO <procedure-name>[(<argument>[,<argument>...])] - Calls the given procedure and pass values
 ELSE <statement> - Must be in a line by itself, matches last IF
 RESET - The same as pressing [RUN/STOP]+[RESTORE]

Convenience commands:

 FIND <string> - Shows lines of code containing strings that contain the given string
 CHANGE <string> TO <string> - Changes substrings within strings within the code
 REN [<increment>[,<first-line-number>] - Renumber lines of code
 EDIT - Enter sprite editor, to exit press Q (NOTE: Keyboard commands currently unknown-TO DO)

Other commands:

 JOY(<port>) - Returns the value at the joystick port, 1 or 2

Existing keywords with usage currently unknown:

 HIT - Likely to be sprite related
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