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Simple IRQ Music Player

This routine plays music inside an IRQ raster interrupt. Just a basic step to interrupts. This routine is in ACME Cross assembler format.

;JCH, DMC, Whatever IRQ music plr

             !to "irqmusplr.prg",cbm
             * = $0810 ;Remember SYS 2064 to enable it
             lda #<irq
             ldx #>irq
             sta $314
             stx $315
             lda #$1b
             ldx #$00
             ldy #$7f 
             sta $d011
             stx $d012
             sty $dc0d
             lda #$01
             sta $d01a
             sta $d019 ; ACK any raster IRQs
             lda #$00
             jsr $1000 ;Initialize Richard's music
hold         jmp hold ;We don't want to do anything else here. :)
                      ; we could also RTS here, when also changing $ea81 to $ea31
             lda #$01
             sta $d019 ; ACK any raster IRQs
             jsr $1003 ;Play the music
             jmp $ea31

             * = $1000-2
             !binary "music.dat" ;Rip one of my tunes from the HVSC and save as music.dat if you like :)

Some additional notes by Frantic:

.sid files have a header of length $7c bytes. You must remove this header from the sid files before you can place them on $1000 in c64 memory (for sids that should indeed be placed on $1000, which is something like a standard, but not every tune follow this).

In some assemblers you can skip N number of bytes in the binary files directly, without having to do it with help of a hex editor or a tool such as “dd” or similar. An example for ACME follows:

   !bin "Raymond.sid",, $7c+2

The “+2” at the end also removes the load address (two bytes) from the original c64 file inside the .sid file.

Also note that in order to make the example code above executable (by executing “RUN” instead of forcing the user/coder to manually enter “SYS xxxx” to start the program), you would either have to crunch the file (crunchers add startup code) or add a basic stub to the start, such as:

        * = $0801
        !byte $0b,$08,$01,$00,$9e,$32,$30,$36,$31,$00,$00,$00 ;= SYS 2061

        * = $080d ;=2061 (Instead of $0810 as in Richards example
                  ;       not to waste unnecessary bytes)

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