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Element 114 Music editor

This archive contains the source for the Element 114 Music editor. This editor was used for a few demo projects and a game project I worked on many many years ago. The original sources from circa 1992 were converted from 6510+ assembler format to ACME. There is a VisualStudio6 workspace (.DSW) which can be used to view and compile the project or just use “ACME MusicEditor.asm” from the a command line. The archive also contains an assembled “MusicEditor.prg” file that can be run.

The editor help files are also included as a help note viewer. The contact details listed on the last page are no longer valid, but I did not want to change the original data.

After the editor loads if you hit “P” it will play the default music track which is the title music from Tusari (the game project mentioned above).

MusicFiles.d64 contains several demonstration music files which can be loaded using the “Load All” menu item.

Stability fixes have been made to the block and track editor. New block commands have been added to control the filter registers:

FLL controls the value sent to $d415 SIDFilterCutoffFreqLo. So FLL:10 will put $10 into $d415

FLH does the same but for $d416 SIDFilterCutoffFreqHi

FLC does the same but for $d417 SIDFilterControl. So FLC:F7 will set filter resonance F with voices 0,1 and 2 active (bits 0/1/2 = 7).

FLP does the same with $d418 SIDVolumeFilter. So FLP:10 will set bit 4 which is the low pass filter. The lower nybble maps to the volume control, don't set these values, keep it at 0 for now.

The VOL command has also been added which adjust the volume. Using VOL:08 will set a volume of 8. The higher nybble maps to the filter control register, don't set this value, keep it at 0 for now.

Sources available in the large archive here

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